Rémi Rousselet - FlutterExp featured speaker

Meet our speakers! – Rémi Rousselet

Chances are if you search for a Dart of Flutter question on StackOverflow you’ll find one person consistently answering those questions: Rémi Rousselet.

Or maybe you’ve heard this year’s Google I/O talk about state management where provider was shown as a great alternative to keep things simple and consistent.

Either from his contributions to Stack Overflow and the Slack communities or from his well-known packages, provider and flutter_hooks, Rémi has set an example for the community to follow: share your knowledge and grow together.

In his talk “Everything you need to know about provider” he will make a deep dive into his provider package to explain you what it is and why you should use it. With this talk, you’ll learn that is far more from a “provider” of objects to use in your applications, but also a great alternative for managing your state.

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