Elaine Dias Batista - FlutterExp featured speaker

Meet our speakers! – Elaine Dias Batista

Google Developer Expert (GDE) for the Google Assistant and experienced mobile developer in both iOS and Android. She also has a passion for Google Assistant and natural language technology that she has expressed in a number of talks around the world.

In her talk “A Flutter Journey: From a Personal to a Successful Production App” she is going to take us through a development journey that starts with an app idea and ends with an app with a server less backend on the Play Store. To do so, she’ll cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • Exploring Flutter and Dart
  • Using Firebase to build a backend for our apps
  • Material Design implementation on the Flutter framework
  • Resources (strings, styles) management
  • Properly managing crash reporting and handling the Flutter red screen of death
  • Localization
  • Creating flavors
  • Tips and common tasks done during development

And since finishing an app is just the first step of making an app successful, she’ll also talk about how we can use the power of the community and the user’s feedback to make our app shine.

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