Efthymios Sarmpanis - FlutterExp featured speaker

Meet our speakers! – Efthymios Sarmpanis

Writing clean code is the priority of every developer, but sometimes navigating the ocean of pattern and guidelines can leave us disoriented and confused.

This is where Feature Isolation can come to Help!

Efthymios Sarmpanis Organizer of the Flutter Athens Meetup and writer of many articles about Flutter, is coming to give us his point of view on how the un-opinionated nature of Flutter, in regards to application code structure, is liberating for a developer, but usually leads to cluttered code and a non-standardized code layout.

Utilizing principles from Domain-Driven Design (D.D.D.) and S.O.L.I.D. principles and being greatly inspired by Angular’s modulated structure, Efthymios will present Feature Isolation as an application architecture that can promote clean code, discrete feature boundaries and a clear dependency graph among the different features of the application.

Join us in Heraklion for the first FlutterExp at the Singularity Festival

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