Chirag Shenoy - FlutterExp featured speaker

Meet our speakers! – Chirag Shenoy

Have you ever seen a client that changes constantly idea about their application? the “can we change the app layout” request sounds familiar to you?

Chirag Shenoy has a solution and he wanted to share it with us! He works as a senior mobile developer at ShareChat, he is passionate about mobile technology and have worked on both Android and iOS for over 4 years, also he believes in the power of Internet, Software, Design thinking and a Whiteboard in solving some of the problems existing around us – Be it behavioural problems like procrastination or complex problems such as water scarcity or illiteracy.

How cool would it be to have an app which is completely controlled by the backend? No, not a simple A/B tests or deciding which Colour a button should be, or which feature should be available for a certain user.

Chirag will show us how EVERYTHING can be controlled from the backend. Be it all your app layouts, maintaining local databases, handling click events, deciding how to display content based on the situation, what API calls to make or even what screen to show next! Customization on Steroids.

This enables product teams to build, test and iterate on fully native flutter applications instantly.

Join us in Heraklion for the first FlutterExp at the Singularity Festival

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