Flare Workshop by 2Dimensions – YouTube

Most applications have a single purpose: be it connecting to an API to retrieve and add some information, storing information locally or giving the user information about what’s around him. But as the number of developers and companies grow, it’s very difficult to differentiate your app from the competitors, or even finding a new way to educate your users on using your app.
To help you with that, the team at 2Dimensions released Flare, an online tool that helps create beautiful animations for your Flutter App. The special thing about Flare is that the animations are dynamic and can be changed with the user input, meaning you can have a form validation that when an error is displayed you organically show an animation and when it shows a success you start the success animation :

To learn how to use it, you can watch the 2Dimensions’ team Flare Workshop on YouTube: Flare Workshop by 2Dimensions

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